About Bill Shearer

William C. Shearer

Ph.D., M.B.A, M.P.H.

The director of Alternative Group of Redlands, Dr. Bill Shearer has been a local psychotherapist since 1975, and a consultant to organizations and businesses since 1983.

In his clinical work he is licensed as both a psychologist and Marriage, Family, and Child Therapist and specializes in anxiety disorders, eating disorders, relationship difficulties, conflict resolution, and relationship skill building. 

He also conducts a structured therapy/mediation/education program designed to guide divorced or separated parents in the transformation of the destructive "intimate anger" of their former relationship to skillful collaboration in the parenting of emotionally healthy children. Many clients are referred from family law court. 

He has specialized in the treatment of anorexia nervosa and bulimia since 1978 and created the first formal college program in eating disorders in the United States. Both Bill and Robin see eating disordered clients individually and in group therapy.

In his organizational work, he is often involved in team building, executive coaching, the coaching of high-performance teams, and facilitating training programs in emotional intelligence, workplace conflict management, and coaching and mentoring . He also conducts training in strategic planning, human performance improvement, core communication skills, and collaborative team skills.

He has a doctorate in psychology as well as masters degrees in business administration, public health, and education. He Is a member of the International Society for Dispute Resolution, The National Eating Disorders Association, and the Academy for Eating Disorders. He has a certificate in Conflict Management from the University of California as well as extensive ongoing training in conflict resolution and mediation. 

A varied career started as a 12th grade United States history teacher in a New Jersey high school. He entered the Air Force in 1966 and served as a training officer, nuclear weapons instructor, ROTC instructor, adviser to the Saudi Air Force, and director of a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program before retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel. His final Air Force experience consisted largely of directing human relations training and in counseling Air Force couples and families. Having already been licensed as a psychologist for 13 years, with a very busy practice, retirement simply meant a transition to a larger private practice.

He is a University teacher, and has taught for 12 colleges and universities. At present he teaches Dispute Resolution, Organizational Behavior, and Organizational Leadership. He has taught psychology graduate courses since 1976.

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