Aternative Group
Manager Training Seminars

Alternative Group trainers possess extensive experience in teaching, training, and learning team facilitation. We offer the following 90 minute, 3 hour, 4 hour, full-day, or two-day seminars to meet major organizational training needs. Each seminar is highly interactive, fast-paced, and presented in a PowerPoint format with highly useful handout materials. Seminars may be readily adapted to your time requirements, or custom-designed to fulfill specific organizational objectives. In all cases a seminar might also be presented as a series of meetings on the same topic. Ongoing Executive Coaching related to these topics is also available.

*Ethics for Managers in City Government
*Emotional Intelligence, Conflict, and Difficult People
*Emotional Intelligence and High-performance Work Teams
Conflict Resolution Systems for the Workplace
Does 360 Degree Feedback Have a Place in Your Organization?
*Communication for a High-Performance Team
Intentional Relating---Responding to Conflict with Skill and Power
*Intentional Relating---Interpersonal Effectiveness Under Pressure*
Effective Stress Management---Don't Let Your Job Kill You
Working with Diversity
Organizational Diagnosis and Assessment
*Working with Organizational Change
Corporate Culture Change---What Is It and Do You Need It ?
Workplace Communication Training
Preventing and Dealing with Sexual Harassment on the Job
Organizational Climate Surveys and Your Organization
Manager "Fast Track" Development
Avoiding the 13 Cardinal Manager Mistakes
Essential Skills for Leaders of High-Performance Teams
Boosting Employee Motivation and Performance
Handling Difficult Employees
Enhancing Team Problem Solving Skills
Anger Management on the Job
Assessment of Individual Worker Violence Potential
Developing Leaders Who Lead
*Developing Coaching Skills for Enhanced Employee Performance
Controlling the High Cost of Conflict in Your Organization
Creating a Structure for Early Conflict Resolution
Becoming a Star Performer on Your High-Performance Work Team

*Most requested workshops ( 3 Hour minimum ).


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